Butte County Auditor-Controller
Kathryn Mathes 
– Endorsed by the Butte County GOP & Butte County Taxpayers Association
– Only candidate who is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
– Only candidate who has been both an Auditor and a Controller

Butte County Supervisor District 2
Larry Wahl – A common sense conservative who works for us.

John Cox – Endorsed by President Donald J. Trump and the strongest candidate to make the Top 2 and defeat Gavin Newsom in November

United States Congress – District 1
Doug LaMalfa

State Senate – District 4
Jim Nielsen

State Assembly – District 1
Brian Dahle

State Assembly – District 3
James Gallagher

Lt. Governor
Cole Harris

Attorney General
Judge Steven Bailey

Secretary of State
Mark Meuser

State Controller
Konstantino Roditis

Prop 68- NO
This is another fake water bond that spends $4.1 billion for no water storage. It is simply more debt so the government can buy more land and not spend a dime to build new water storage. Vote no.

Prop 70 – NO
This proposition places cap and trade in the State Constitution for the first time. Cap and Trade funds are being used to fund the state’s ridiculous high speed rail plan. This measure was a fig leaf to get legislators to vote for Cap and Trade and increase your taxes. Don’t reward sellouts. The Legislature should scrap this tax instead.

Prop 71- YES
This one sets the date ballot measures become effective as five days after the election is certified. This will provide clarity as to when propositions take effect.

Prop 72- YES
This proposition excludes rainwater capture systems from property tax assessments. There is no need to pay taxes on collecting your own rain water